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Why you should choose us for air conditioning

We offer 2 types of air conditioning, split systems and ducted, which means no matter what type of home you would like to keep cool, we’ll have a solution that will be the most energy efficient for your home.

Choosing the right size air conditioning unit is important because if it’s too small it may not sufficiently cool your home and if it’s too large it may end up unnecessarily costing you a small fortune to run as it will run more efficiently.

Cool down this summer with a split system air conditioning unit

Split System air conditioning

If you already have an old style all in one air conditioner on your wall, consider upgrading to a modern split system unit. Not only will you find the newer models significantly quieter but they are also far more energy efficient which means it will help cut down your power. Typically running costs of newer air conditioners give a 40-50% saving.

Fully ducted air conditioning systems

We also do complete installations for fully ducted air conditioning systems if you prefer a neater finish. Although it is typically more expensive than a regular style split system air conditioner, it will add value to your home and you get the advantage of being able to heat or cool all the main living areas in your home to keep it at an even pleasant temperature throughout.

With either type of air conditioning installation, we take care of everything for you. From measuring the space and supplying the right size air conditioner to installing and wiring it up. Once that’s done we’ll run it and test that everything works as it should, clean up any mess we’ve made from the process and leave you to enjoy your new air conditioner.

For a free measure and quote just give us a call Monday to Sunday from 6:00am to 5:00pm.

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